Covid-19 update: Ruislip Gardens School is currently closed and is due to reopen on Tuesday 6th July. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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Growing and Achieving Together

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Headteacher's Welcome ⥂

Parent Forum

The Parent Forum supports the school alongside FROGS (which focuses on fund raising) and the Governing Body (which addresses the strategic direction and statutory functions of the school). Through teachers and parents working together, we aim to improve the school for all our children.

The Parent Forum is:

  • a vehicle for seeking parental views and
  • perspectives on day-to-day school matters
  • an opportunity to share the positive work of the school
  • a forum for bringing common concerns to the attention of the school's leadership a forum for the leadership of the school to explain why and how some decisions have been made
  • a mechanism for improved communication between and across the school community
  • an opportunity to gain parent views and expectations on relevant policies

Please note that the Parent Forum is not a place to discuss/address issues about individual children's needs, as these should be brought to the class teacher's attention or, where this avenue has not produced a satisfactory solution, the Headteacher. It is also not an alternative approach to the school's Complaints Procedure.

The school is currently looking at recruiting a new parent body who will fundraise and be the link between school and parents. If you are interested in joining please leave your details with the school office.

Headteacher's Welcome

As Headteacher I would like to welcome you all to our school. Ruislip Gardens Primary School is a very special place. Visitors comment positively about the school, from the children’s behaviour and their enthusiasm to the staffs ongoing commitment and dedication. We understand the power of education and take very seriously our duty to give your children the best start in life. I am personally very proud to be a member of this community.

The school recognises the value and uniqueness of each individual child and adult at Ruislip Gardens. We celebrate the talents and gifts of each child and enable them to develop to their full potential spiritually, morally, academically, socially and physically.

Our shared vision “Growing and Achieving Together” underpins all we believe in. Our core values

  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment
  • Establishing lifelong values
  • Developing confident and independent learners
  • Inspiring excellence
  • Enabling everyone to succeed

show how Ruislip Gardens is dedicated to ensuring we help all our children become successful and happy young people. Their learning and personal development are our driving force.

With support and advice from all our stakeholders we were able to develop Ruislip Gardens 4 Life-long Values:

  • Resilience
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Reflection

Each value has a definition, which you can read in the vision and values
section of the website.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit our school if you have
not already, where you are guaranteed a warm welcome. Finally I would
like to thank you for your continued support and for trusting us with the
privilege of educating your precious children.

Miss N Bulpett


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